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Hi, I'm Isa, german genealogist and excited to discover your german family history. 

Solving genealogical mysteries is my passion. I love spending nights researching ancestors, determined to decipher the cryptic squiggles of parish registers or passenger lists.


Piecing together the puzzle of our ancestors' lives – their timelines, unique experiences, and the challenges they faced, I try to get to know my ancestors as much as possible.


Now, I'm extending my passion and expertise to you. Let’s embark on an exciting journey to uncover the mysteries of your German family history.


Together, we will dig into the stories, trace their old addresses, find birth marriage and death records, unveil long-lost photographs, and explore historical maps. Your family history is waiting to be uncovered, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

How it started

Generations of curiosity and a love for family history have shaped the foundation of my journey into the past. My grandpa and dad embarked on a sporadic yet dedicated quest to construct our family tree over the course of many years. The allure of unearthing our ancestral roots held them in its thrall, and their efforts culminated in a lineage that reached back centuries. Our family, the Kemmners, had resided in a quaint village near Stuttgart, Germany, for generations, allowing them to trace our heritage all the way to the 1500s. However, the distant past felt like a complex puzzle, eluding my full understanding until a serendipitous discovery on the other side of the Atlantic. It was the mention of a long-lost cousin in the United States that ignited a spark of curiosity within me.

The catalyst for my inquiries occurred when my beloved grandmother passed away, and I began spending more time with my grandpa. During those moments, he regaled me with a treasury of stories—vivid tales from his childhood, stories of his parents, and accounts of a world scarred by war. Among these anecdotes, one of my favorites was the enchanting tale of how he first crossed paths with my grandma when they were mere schoolchildren. Grandpa, now well into his mid-90s, inspired me to document his recollections, creating a ripple effect that would forever alter my perspective on our family history.

Story telling

Let's do some research

The turning point arrived when I delved into the archives for the first time, emerging with a precious passport photo of one of my grandpa's uncles—a face I had never before seen in any family album. This momentous discovery marked the inception of my fervent research journey. I began to explore the lives of our ancestors, meticulously crafting their narratives and documenting their stories. One chapter at a time, I meticulously composed their life stories and breathed life into their long-forgotten experiences.

With time, I transformed my passion into a digital haven—a blog that would serve as a repository for the narratives of our ancestors. This blog has evolved into a virtual crossroads where not only family members but also curious souls from far and wide could access those life stories. Through this space, I've unearthed connections with previously unknown extended family members and friends, unveiling shared histories that bind us together.

Connections & Shared history

Your roots

As the flame of my passion for unearthing our family's past continues to burn ever brighter, I've extended my hand to assist friends and family on their own quests to rediscover their roots. The journey, marked by discoveries and connections, remains an ever-evolving exploration of the intricate tapestry of our shared history.

And now, I'm extending my passion and expertise to you. Let’s embark on an exciting journey to uncover the mysteries of your German family history together!

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